Why Chiefist?

As an investor, you have great tools to analyze almost every dimension of a company: financials, customers, products and competitors. But you probably don’t have a good way to assess a critical factor which largely determines whether the company and your investment succeed: management quality. Make no mistake: when you read about a company buying back its stock, entering a new market, or halting a product trial, people have made those decisions. As decisions accumulate, organizations resemble the people at the top; effective leaders bring about effective firms. You must Know Your Executives™ in order to have full confidence in your investment.

Chiefist gives investors powerful tools to critically assess these vital executives.

  • Our Profiles quantify executive performance and consolidate key background data on the executive. Keep coming back — we’re adding data and sources every day.
  • Investors wishing to make more executive comparisons (of performance or compensation) may do so through our Analytics offering. You’ll find numerous ideas to include in your own trading strategies.
  • We push actionable trading ideas, culled from our own detailed analysis of corporate executives, to you through our daily Chiefist Insights newsletter.
  • Finally, through our Search service, we partner with clients to perform customized, exceptionally in-depth examinations of an executive, management team or board of directors.

Chiefist serves you as the source for data on and insight into corporate executives. With Chiefist, you can have confidence in the executives you invest in — and avoid poor performing (or objectionable) leaders. Use Chiefist and Know Your Executives™