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Why Chiefist?

As an investor, you have great tools to analyze almost every dimension of a company: financials, customers, products and competitors. But you probably don't have a good way to assess a critical factor that largely determines whether the company and your investment succeed: management quality. Make no mistake: when you read about a company buying back its stock, entering a new market, or halting a product trial, people have made those decisions. As decisions accumulate, organizations resemble the people at the top; effective leaders bring about effective firms. You must Know Your Executives™ in order to have full confidence in your investment.

Chiefist serves clients as the source for insight into corporate executives and Boards of Directors. Utilizing proprietary analysis, tested and Alpha-generating quantitative analytics and penetrating research methods, Chiefist helps clients drive toward conviction on smart trading ideas and manage downside risk.

Engage Chiefist and Know Your Executives™.

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