Chiefist Positions

Chiefist Positions exists to highlight trading ideas based on Chiefist’s proprietary database and analysis of management. You will find a fresh perspective with each issue of Chiefist Positions: a keen and unconventional approach to the analysis of management quality; a deep questioning of the conventional wisdom about teams’ abilities and backgrounds; and — above all — a useful input into your investment due diligence.

A note about the name. As we conceived it, we didn’t want to just ‘report’ or ‘observe’ corporate management. We wanted to analyze management and take a stand on it. Will a CEO be able to lift performance after a disappointing start (e.g., Indra Nooyi at Pepsi)? Can a team successfully lead their firms through difficult times? Will good times continue under new leadership (e.g., Ian Cook at Colgate-Palmolive)? Does an executive’s background increase risk to the firm (e.g., Dov Charney at American Apparel)?

In short, we seek to make a judgment about and take a position on these leaders.