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Chiefist Positions exists to highlight trading ideas based on Chiefist's proprietary database and analysis of management. You will find a fresh perspective with each issue of Chiefist Positions: a keen and unconventional approach to the analysis of management quality; a deep questioning of the conventional wisdom about teams' abilities and backgrounds; and — above all — a useful input into your investment due diligence.

We don’t just 'report' or 'observe' corporate management. We scrutinize management and take a stand on it. Will a CEO be able to lift performance after a disappointing start (e.g., Indra Nooyi at Pepsi)? Can a team successfully lead their firms through a crisis (e.g., Micky Arison of Carnival Corp.)? Will good times continue under new leadership (e.g., Ginny Rometty at IBM)? Does an executive's background increase risk to the firm (e.g., Dov Charney at American Apparel)?

In short, we seek to make a judgment about and take a position on these leaders.

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